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ErgoMask from Tuoren Medical

ErgoMask / Tuoren Medical
ErgoMask / Tuoren Medical

ErgoMask Website

ErgoMask Website

Standard face masks weren't designed for positive pressure ventilation.

Bag-valve mask (BVM) ventilation is one of the most basic and, at times, most difficult but lifesaving emergency technical skills. The asymmetrical ergonomic face mask with the off center ventilation port is here to help. It is designed for an optimal one and two handed BVM attempt.

ErgoMask / Tuoren Medical

The ability to maintain an open airway with proper head-tilt/chin-lift with one hand, while squeezing the resuscitation bag with the other, often becomes an issue of technique as well as hand size. In specific cases only two rescuers can implement this.

The ErgoMask from Tuoren Medical has several features that optimize BVM ventilation. The Ergomask features a contoured ridge and a colored marker for finger placement. Covering the first and second fingers at the colored marker allows the hand to generate a power grip and control the whole mask while fingers 3,4 and 5 extend to the chin for a chin lift/head extension.

The ergonomic face mask combines an optimal seal (power grip) with a validated airway maneuver (chin lift/head extension).

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