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Pentax AWS-S200 video laryngoscopesYou won't believe how much is packaged into this system at the low cost!

The Pentax AWS-S200 is priced SIGNIFITANTLY below some other video laryngoscopes.

The New Pentax AWS-S200 Video Laryngoscope does not require a stylet. It is shaped to follow the contours of your patient's anatomy. Pentax features a large 2.4" brightly lit color LED screen that has 30M pixels plus VGA technology. The clear anti-fog lens assures a clear crisp image. The monitor allows for the use of a targeting symbol. When the target is lined up, simply slide the endotracheal tube forward.

The Pentax AWS-S200 is lightweight at 235 grams. It is water resistant and can be immersed (IPX7 approval). 2 AA batteries provide for up to two hour of continuous use. Disposable blades help prevent cross infection. Blades are available in Adult, Pediatric, and Neonate sizes.

Comes with a case, batteries and a 1 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

2 USB ports allow for development of future connections as well as connection to a monitor, tablet or laptop.

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