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Ideal for Crash Carts or Infectious Cases!
Maybe it's Time to Rethink the Laryngoscope?

BritePro SoloIs cross contamination an issue?

How much time and money do you spend managing the reprocessing of laryngoscopes?

Flexicare introduces BritePro Solo, not just a disposable blade but a disposable intubation set!

BritePro Solo packages the laryngoscope blade and the handle together ready for immediate use. Even the batteries are included!

No more messy reprocessing!

Laryngoscope blades are high quality metal blades that won't bend or flex during intubation. With regular laryngoscopes, the light transmission degrades with every cleaning. With Flexicare¨ BritePro Solo you start fresh and sterile each and every time. LED Handles provide clean bright LED light. Since the handles are disposable they are not traditionally sized to fit a C sized battery. Instead of the handle being designed around the battery the handles are designed to fit your hand comfortably. The blades and handles feature a metal on metal connection for sure and reliable connections. The ergonomic handle features a sure grip finish to allow for comfortable and confident intubations. Routine pre-surgery testing can be accomplished without losing sterility.

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Ideal for Crash Carts or Infectious Cases!
Flexicare BritePro Solo Laryngoscope

BritePro SoloIs cross contamination an issue?

• Green System Compatible - Will Work with other Green System Fiberoptic Laryngoscope Handles and Blades

• Handle is Ergonomic - Brite Pro Handles don't use C batteries so the handle is slightly smaller and more comfortable.

• Disposable Handle - No cross contamination

• Bright LED Light

• Sure Grip Textured Handle

• Metal Blades offer tight and secure fit

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