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Rusch QuickJet™ Manual Jet Ventilator
The QuickJet™ jet ventilator is an ideal addition to the emergency airway cart. The QuickJet™ is a complete kit that includes the jet ventilator as well as the jet ventilation catheters in a carrying case. The jet ventilator consists of 13 feet of high-pressure tubing. The end is open (you must add your own connector for wall or cylinder connection). The jet ventilator features a large easy to read gauge and an adjustable pressure-regulating valve.

  Rusch QuickJet™ Manual Jet Ventilator


Rusch QuickJet™ Jet Ventilator Kit
Includes: QuickJet™,
13' High Pressure Tubing
13G, 14G, & 16G, Jet Ventilation Catheters
Luer Lock Connection Tubing
QuickJet Adapter and Tubing



QuickJet™ Adapter With Catheter, 5/bx


QuickJet™ Adapter Tubing, 5/bx


QuickJet™ Jet Ventilation Catheters 13G, 5/bx


QuickJet™ Jet Ventilation Catheters 14G, 5/bx


QuickJet™ Jet Ventilation Catheters 16G, 5/bx

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