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Enhanced tactile sensitivity

You won't believe the feel and sensitivity!

Proguard Gloves offer the ultimate in dexterity, comfort, and sensitivity while providing unparalleled protection. Proguard attenuates up to 30% more scatter radiation than other gloves of comparable thickness. Anatomically correct curved fingers reduce hand fatigue, while the Soft-Touch finish creates a softer, smooth interior reducing skin irritation & improving sensitivity. Proguard Gloves provide enhanced tactile sensitivity, while protecting better than other radiation reducing gloves.
Available in Three Fingertip Thicknesses, 12" in Length May be Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide or Sterrad® up to Three Times Before Disposal

ATTENUATING SLEEVES - When used with the attenuating surgical gloves, these sleeves create a radiation protection barrier from fingers to biceps. Sold by the pair. Available in small, medium, or large. Contains latex.

63359 Attenuating Sleeve
Specify Size: Small, Medium, or Large

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