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Are you HAPPY with your trays?
Do they have all the components you want and need?
Do they have too much "stuff" in them to be inefficient?
Do you need a Tray Makeover? Contact Richard's!


EPIDURAL TRAYS - Continuous or Single Shot - Pajunk needles and Catheters provide outstanding tactile feedback.

SPINAL TRAYS - Using a Sprotte Needle? Pajunk manufactures the Sprotte Needle! Pajunk started it all! We are competitive on Spinal trays with other needles as well!

SINGLE SHOT NERVE BLOCK TRAYS - Sonoplex Echogenic Regional Block Needles ARE available in trays for your convenience. If you need a support tray or a full tray we can help.

CONTINUOUS NERVE BLOCK TRAYS - We can provide Continuous Nerve Block Trays with Pajunk's E-Cath or with a traditional catheter.

CUSTOM TRAYS - Don't find what you want? Talk to us about making your own tray! THERE ARE CHOICES!

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