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The technique of combined spinal and epidural anesthesia (CSF) has been growing in popularity as it provides for both a fast acting and long term block. The problem with performing the technique has been that often the needles involved have not been designed to work together.

Pajunk's Epispin Lock combines the spinal and epidural needle in one set. In the first step, the epidural space is punctured with the Tuohy needle. In the second step a Sprotte Spinal needles is introduced THROUGH the Tuohy needle. The Sprotte Spinal needle will be introduced through a back-eye in the epidural needle. The use of the Sprotte atraumatic needle greatly reduces the risk of post spinal headaches. The Sprotte needle can be locked in place securly with Pajunk's new locking system. The new locking system allows the spinal needle to remain anchored in the exact desired position in relation to the Tuohy needle. The Pajunk Epispin locking system allows for one hand operation, and the spinal needle can be retracted without having to open the locking system. Now the epidural catheter can be introduced into the epidural needle which has remained in position. The standard version catheter features a closed tip with lateral openings. The optional Epilong Soft catheter features an integrated metal spiral, depth graduations and a soft tip.

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