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Hygrobac filters are low dead space filtered HME's. Hygrobac filters have a low dead space and are lightweight to reduce the "drag" on the patient circuit. A gas sampling connection is included.

352U5877  Hygrobac S Filter/ HME Adult, recommended for tidal volumes greater than 150ml.

355U5430  Hygroboy Filter/ HME Pediatric, recommended for tidal volumes between 70 and 250ml

Hygrobaby Filter/ HME Infant / Neonate, recommended for tidal volumes between 20 and 70ml. 50/bx

PORTEX THERMOVENT - Portex Thermovent HMEšs are a low dead space HME that recovers approximately 75% of the energy and moisture that would otherwise be lost through respiration.

580011  THERMOVENT 600 50/bx - For tidal volumes less than 600ml

580021  THERMOVENT 1200 25/bx - For tidal volumes less than 1200ml

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