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New Generation Laryngeal Mask from Flexicare
LarySeal™ Pro

LarySeal™ Pro represents a re-thinking of the Laryngeal Mask. Quick and easy first time access are of utmost importance yet today's Laryngeal mask must be able to perform as both a routine Laryngeal Mask and also be a useful tool for a difficult airway. The Motto of LarySeal™ Pro is to expect and plan for the unexpected.

- The symmetrical cuff and tube are contoured to match the oropharyngeal anatomy.

- Integrated Suction Catheter Port - Reduces the risk of aspiration.

- Endotracheal Tube Intubation is directed.

- Epiglottic Flap - Integral fenestrated flap protects from blockage with minimum flow resistance and elevates the epiglottis for E/T tube or bronchoscope insertion.

- Reinforced Bite Guard

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