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Univent TCB Tube

The Univent TCB Tube Features a "Torque Controlled Blocker"
that allows for FULL ROTATION of the Blocker Cuff

The Univent Tube facilitates surgery by collapsing the non-dependent lung, keeping blood and secretions from freely flowing to the healthy lung. The Univent Tube is now available with a torque controlled blocker to aid in positioning the blocker cuff.
  • Movable blocker can be positioned to either the left or the right bronchus by rotating the tube.
  • Easy to intubate, just like a normal endotracheal tube.
  • One lung anesthesia can be provided without changing tubes for diagnostic bronchosopy or post operative ventilation.
  • Easier to direct than previous nylon catheter.
  • High torque control malleable shaft for smooth intubation into target bronchus.
  • Flexible blocker shaft with softer open lumen tip for smoother manipulation.
  • More compliant blocker.
  • May be used in either the left or the right bronchus.
  • Latex Free.

Current endobronchial tubes (Carlen's, Robertshaw) may be difficult to place and may not remain in a correct position. The lumen of these tubes is inevitably too small for proper ventilation and suctioning.

The UNIVENT offers many advantages for surgery on the lung, but also in procedures that require better exposure of the esophagus, mediastinum, and thoracic aorta.

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