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Especially useful in fiberoptic intubations, the Parker EasyCurve™ Endotracheal Tube features a uniquely curved tip that allows the endotracheal tube to "ski" gently along airway surfaces. A finger loop at the proximal end provides control of the curvature of the tube without the need for a stylet. Designed to prevent trauma to the airway, the tip is flanked by two Murphy eyes. The tip flexes and yields to human anatomy as it is advanced. The centered tip tends to move to the midline of the airway and the glottic opening.

Ideal for fiberoptic intubations, the centered curved tube lies closely against the wall of the fiberscope and minimizes the gap between them which could contribute to tube hang-ups in the larynx. The Parker EasyCurve™ is ideal for use in video laryngoscopy as well.

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