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Are you still using your Grandfather's Endotracheal Tube?

Isn't it about time somebody rethought the common endotracheal tube? Since the invention of the "modern day" endotracheal tube in World War I endotracheal tubes have pretty much followed the same design.
That is until now!

Parker has re-designed the endotracheal tube to better fit more modern laryngoscopy methods such as fiberoptic scopes and video laryngoscopes. The Parker tube has a unique endotracheal tube tip that is designed to flex and slide when the tip hits protruding features of the airway such as vocal cords. This unique tip is much less traumatic than most "common" endotracheal tubes.

• The tip is centered and tapered to make intubation faster and safer.
Less traumatic than common side beveled tubes.

• Two Murphy eyes help prevent accidental occlusion.

• When a conventional endotracheal tube is used with a fiberoptic scope or introducer there is a gap between the tube and the device. This gap can inadvertently grab and pull tissue.

The Parker Flex-Tip forms around and "hugs" the device. When the device is removed the resilient flexible tip quickly forms back into its original shape and is configured to smoothly "ski" down the trachea wall on its broad curved back side. The tips of conventional endotracheal tubes are considerably more traumatic.

• The Parker Flextip is available in a wide variety of endotracheal tube styles.


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