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BOUSSIGNAC BOUGIE® Oxygenating Introducer

The Boussignac Bougie is a single use oxygenating introducer. The Boussignac Bougie can be used in two ways. The Boussignac Bougie can be used as a conventional introducer for difficult airways. The Boussignac Bougie can also be connected to an oxygen source to provide oxygenation during placement. Depth markings, located every 10 centimeters help aid tube placement.

When the oxygen connector is attached, oxygen can be delivered inside the coude tip through the green channel and a whistling sound is audible. Decompression openings allow excess oxygen to pass out of the main channel and reduce the risk of barotraumas in the event of a spasm.
5576-01  Boussignac Oxygenating Bougie
Fits Sizes 6.0 - 11.0 ET Tubes, 60cm Long, 10/bx

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