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Do you spend hours a day agonizing about the cleaning and maintenance of your laryngoscope handles? EasyClean is the FIRST AND ONLY LED HANDLE COMPATIBLE WITH STERRAD AND STERIS. HEINE EasyClean handles are waterproof - the entire handle can be put in the Sterad or Steris without disassembly. Autoclavable LED technology (batteries must be removed) makes Easy Clean the handle of the future. EasyClean can also be wiped down if you choose to low level disinfect. Confused about which cleaning method to use? Easy Clean has today and tomorrow in mind!

Led Handle Compatible With Sterrad or Steris
No need to disassemble!

Autoclavable LED Technology
Remove The Batteries to Autoclave.

Estimated 50,000 Hour Life

Can Typically Run 10 Hours Without Changing Batteries.

Fade Out Feature
Light Intensity Slowly Decreases to Signify Weak Batteries.

(Ipx8) Facilitating Manual Cleaning And Soak Disinfection.

Wipe Down Compatible
Handle can be wiped down for cleaning.

Reliable Performance
Less parts

Anti-Slip Wave Design

F-008.22.820 HEINE EasyClean Medium "C" Handle

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