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HEINE Introduces the Most Reliable Handle and Charging System Available.

HEINE Laryngoscope system

New!  HEINE Laryngoscope system
Handle systems have long been an afterthought when evaluating and purchasing a Laryngoscope system. Until now.

Now the same the same reliability, confidence, and performance HEINE Laryngoscopes offer is available in a handle system.

The new HEINE NT 300 Charger, Battery Level Indicator Bottom Module, and LED Handle create a handle system that truly addresses the problem of power source reliability in a way that provides you value and confidence.

The NT 300 Charger
A charger that provides you with an easy to see, immediate visual clue as to the charging status of your handles.

•  Place your handle in the NT 300 Charger, and the charger will analyze the state of your battery.

•  If your handle is not 100% charged, the NT 300 will begin charging your handle and the collars of the well will pulse brightly.

•  Once your handle is fully charged, the collar(s) will stop pulsing and stay brightly illuminated. The charger automatically stops charging your handle to prevent overcharging and battery damage.

•  After 4 hours, the lights stay solidly illuminated, but will dim slightly to conserve power.

•  Fast Charging - Maximum charge time for a completely depleted handle is 4 hours.

As well designed and useful as the NT 300 Charger is, it can still only tell you if your handles are charged or not. Compliment the NT 300 with a bottom cap that features a battery level indicator, for increased confidence in your handle system.


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