Richards Medical Equipment
Richards Medical Equipment

All good things must unfortunately come to an end. RICHARD'S IS CLOSING APRIL 30th. Richards was founded in 1967 as a specialty medical distributor focusing on anesthesia products. During our history we would wind up being instrumental in the introduction of the first Disposable Endotracheal Tubes, Sprotte Pencil Point Spinal Needles, The Glidescope Video Laryngoscope as well as Sonoplex Echogenic Block Needles. Thank you for all the support, friendship, advice, and business you have given us over the years. The reasons for the closing are complicated but are best explained in the following letter.
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Richard's has always been more of a "People Business" than anything else. We have been enriched and have enjoyed the relationships we have formed over the last 56 years. Although our founder and many other principle owners and employees have passed away over the years many of our employees have been with us 20 year or more. Please take a few minutes to watch the 5 minute video slide show below.
We will miss you!
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We don't want to leave you without a source for products and orders. We will be maintaining our email addresses and phones until at least the end of 2023. We will maintain customer service until the end of 2023.

1-800-227-0814 847-612-6643 cell

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Richards Medical Equipment
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